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Welcome to the next level of hair perfection

Lizzie Liros & Russian Premium Clip-In Hair Extensions.

After three years of relentless dedication to sourcing the finest materials and perfecting every detail, we're thrilled to present our latest creation—a culmination of luxury, quality, and style.

Designed with hairstylists and discerning individuals in mind, our extensions are the result of extensive research, collaboration, and meticulous craftsmanship. We've spared no effort in ensuring that each strand meets the highest standards of excellence, setting a new benchmark for hair extensions in the Australian market.

What sets our extensions apart?

  • Luxurious 190g weight for unparalleled volume and thickness.

  • Seamless, flat line design for a flawless, natural blend.

  • Seven meticulously crafted pieces for effortless integration and versatility.

  • Extra clips for enhanced support and security, ensuring a comfortable fit all day long.

  • Non-slip clips for added peace of mind, even in the most dynamic of situations.

  • A dazzling array of 25 colors to choose from, ensuring a perfect match for every hair type and shade.

  • Convenient 20" length available for immediate purchase, with additional lengths (16", 18", 22", and 24") available for pre-order, customized to your exact specifications within four weeks.

And the best part

We've made it easier than ever to achieve your dream hair, with free delivery within 3-5 days and transparent pricing—$660 including GST.

But that's not all. We understand that color matching is crucial for a seamless blend, which is why we offer personalized consultations at our South Wentworthville salon. Can't make it in person? Simply send us photos of your hair, and our expert team will guide you to the perfect shade.

Whether you're a professional stylist looking to elevate your clients' looks or an individual seeking to transform your everyday style, Lizzie Liros Russian Premium Clip-In Hair Extensions are your ultimate accessory for effortless beauty and confidence.

Ready to experience hair perfection?


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